18 Apr 2020

Girls Voices 2020

Celebration of Girls Voices

Thoughtshop Foundation, Kolkata January 2020

40 girls from our community-based Youth Resource Cells in the 14-17-year age group from 10 different geographical locations- urban, rural and peri urban, as well as from different religious backgrounds participated in this event. These girls are active members of their YRCs and they volunteered to come and speak before an audience on issues that concern them.

The expected outcome of this event was to enable adolescent girls (14-17) to become more aware of their issues; develop a voice, raise their issues with clarity and confidence.

Pre -Convening Preparation: Girls 14-17 age group from across 10 YRCs were given a few themes (shared below). They were to choose any a topic and based on their personal experiences prepare a 2 to 5-minute sharing. They were encouraged to spend some time thinking about it, clarifying their points with peers or Mentors.
(videos with Bengali voices in this page have closed captions in English)