31 Mar 2020

Support Group Diaries: M & A bring a new member

Mousumi and Ananya are both 15 years old, neighbours, and members of the same support group. They noticed a man who often visited their neighbour, 16-year-old Tani’s house. He would stay for a while, and after he was gone, Tani would look upset and dishevelled. They also noticed that Tani was withdrawn; she didn’t talk to anyone and always stayed at home. All this looked like the warning signs that were discussed at the group meetings. M & A reported this to the youth mentors, as they wanted to proactively do something to confront the family.

Support Group Diaries: Four more shorts

Sujata reaches out

Support group member Sujata (13 years) observed that Sriya (14) was always quiet and alone, so she reached out and made friends with Sriya.

Sujata discovered that Sriya was not able to concentrate on her studies because there were always strangers coming to her house. She lived with her mother, three brothers and a sister. Her father had abandoned them few years ago. Her mother was a professional party dancer, and the strange visitors were her boyfriends. Because of this, the community did not accept them, and often harassed and taunted Sriya.