Understanding my feelings, Sharing my thoughts

Shukla is a Youth Fellow 2016-17
YRC Protibha
My name is Shukla Sarkar and I am 14 years old.

I live in Kobardanga with my parents and two elder brothers. My mother makes and sells incense sticks, and my father works as a security guard in a company.

My younger brother is very sick. Sometime back our group members admitted him in a hospital where he had an operation. Another brother, who is very hot-tempered, had run away from home for a few days after fighting with our mother.

I am a member of YRC Protibha and have been since I was ten years old. I used to be very shy and had no friends. Indranidi told me about the group. She said that the group takes us for outing and I can learn lots of different things here. I also knew that I will make friends with many in the group. Now I have the opportunity to go to the city with Indranidi. Sujoyda helps me in my studies.

The most useful activities in the Fellowship programme for me has been about making eye contact, understanding feelings and sharing my thoughts.

I am more confident now. Earlier I could not talk in public, now I can. I can manage kids in our youth group, which i would have thought impossible earlier. I could not sing, now I sing and learn music from my Father. My dream is to be a dancer and I want to take responsibility of our YRC. In 3 years I want to study in class XI. I don’t want to marry now.

More kids should come to our YRC and share their feelings, get support and also give support to others like them. I can share things here that I cannot even share with my mother. Our YRC helps me.

I want my community to believe in Gender Equality. A woman can do what a man can. I dream of a community where children get more opportunity to understand and explore the idea of Gender Equality.