Today I am Calmer!

Lakhan is a Youth Fellow 2016-17
YRC Youth Voice
I am Lakhan Singh, 17 years old and in class XI. In my family there are my parents, my sister, my elder brother and me. My mother works in other people's homes looking after small children, and my father works as a driver.

My elder brother studies in class XII and serves drinks during sports matches at the stadium. My sister is in class VII and we play a lot.

Our financial condition is poor, and I'm under some pressure to earn. We have to pay Rs 5000/- for rent, so my mother asks me pitch in. I try contribute Rs 400/- every month, which I earn by home-delivering tiffin. I go to school and love to play football. I want to learn handicrafts and recycling of old products. I also want to contact a trainer and develop my football skills; my dream is to become a football player. I want to be able to offer financial and medical help to my parents.

I have been a member of YRC Youth Voice since I was 15. I used to see early marriage and child labour in our village, and I joined this group to help others to put a stop to this.

After coming to the group my temper has reduced. I have become more thoughtful now and do not fight like before. Earlier I did not care, I used to be violent with others, beat people up. Today I am more calm and composed. I also do my own housework now, I don't order my sister around to do my chores. I've become more supportive to my friends now. I can also influence my friends to change some of their habits.

These days I represent my group to attend the Youth Fellowship at TF. This is a leadership programme. The most useful sessions in the Fellowship were the lessons on Empathy and the Exploring My World activity book.

Our neighbourhood is active and lots keeps happening here. I feel people in my community are becoming less superstitious and more trustworthy. I want to initiate many actions for positive change in our neighbourhood with my group. I will always support my group members as they are very valuable to me.