Times they are a changing!

Rafikul is a Youth Fellow 2016-17
I live with my grandparents, parents, brother, sister and uncle. My mother is a housewife, uncle is a carpenter, sister is studying in class XI. Financially we are going through a bad phase because my father doesn't have any work.

My family puts a lot of pressure on me to earn. They taunt me for not doing so yet. The financial crisis creates stress on the whole family, and there are times when people stop talking to each other. They even tell me to drop out of college and to stop coming to Thoughtshop Foundation.

But I still go to TF. I go to college, and am a member of our group KYP. I first got interested in the group when Azhar told us that they would give free computer training to 4 members. I used to bunk school twice a week to take that free training. Nowadays I teach kids how to use the computer. I've always really liked working with computers, and have recently found my passion in film editing.

This year I've been attending the Youth Fellowship at TF. I haven't missed a single day of this year long Leadership Programme. I find the sessions on Self Exploration - Exploring My World, Listening and the importance of being attentive, all very useful.

I do believe that I can overcome all challenges and achieve my goals. I will support my family financially and I can carry on my education in the midst of all difficulties.

Our group is working for the equal rights of men and women, enabling women to come out of home and work. We can see how our group is influencing changes in our community. Old-fashioned ideas like 'women can’t work outside' and 'boys have to stop studying and start earning' are changing. Children were forced to do work before, but now all family members come forward to do share household chores. People now listen more attentively to one another.

My dream is to complete my education, learn film-editing, and do community service. I want my group to be big, where cluster kids will be able to explain to others about their discoveries, and much more community service will take place.

Our Community will believe in Gender-Equality, and everyone will support our group.