Like boys do

Sonali is a Youth Fellow 2016-17
YRC Nabadisha
My name is Sonali, and I'm 18 years old. My mother works as a maid in different houses, my father is a daily-wage construction labourer.

We are very friendly with each other and there is not much fighting at home. Sometimes when my mother returns from work late, my father wants an explanation. As we have financial problems my father often asks me to earn my own spending money.

I believe in gender equality, and that girls can go out with friends too like boys do. My group believes in sharing and maintain confidentiality. Ours is the only local group where girls and boys can come together with their parents’ permission. The Parents are also giving rights to their children now.

I joined the YRC six years ago when I was 13. My neighbour told me about the group and said that children play and have fun here. I wanted to make friends and get out of home, so I joined the group. Today I am very involved with my YRC Nabadisha; I am a Youth Fellow, I facilitate an adolescent cluster, and attend core group meetings. Other than that, I go to college and learn computers.

The most useful lesson for me in the Fellowship prograqmme was about facilitation skills. I had already done the Self Exploration book earlier.

My dream is to start a study centre for under-privileged kids from our clusters and outside. I also want to continue my studies. My group should become big with lots more clusters and trained members to care for the group. I wish that in my community, the parents who still cannot trust our group and do not send their children will also send them, to learn various things including music and dance.