I 👧🏽 love ❤️️ football ⚽🏃‍♀️!

Anuradha is a Youth Fellow 2016-17
YRC Ujaan
I am Anuradha Kayal and I am 16 years old. I stay with my parents and my elder brother.

My elder sister is married and lives with her in-laws. My mother works in homes as a maid, my father is a daily wage labourer, and my brother works in a shop. Our community is good, though there are a few people who are jealous of my mother and me. They spread rumours about us.

Our financial condition is not so good. We often see fights in our family... about food, or when my father gets drunk. Sometimes he fights to take back the money that he gave for the family.

I am a member of YRC Ujaan, and have been since I was 14. I joined the group because of Shampa-di and because I thought I could learn some new skills.

These days I'm learning football at the group, and I take it seriously because I love it. My dream is to become a football player. In the next 3 years I also want to teach computers to children. I want to stand on my own feet.

I go to school and love dancing 💃. This year I'm attending the Youth Fellowship at Thoughtshop Foundation. I find the lessons on Gender Equality very interesting. The session on the difference between Sympathy and Empathy was also very useful.

I believe we must all study and not marry early. In the group I want to encourage all the children to study, participate more, learn about the risks of early and child marriage.

I want all the children to explore themselves and fulfil their dreams. I dream of seeing all the adolescents achieve their goals and become what they want to be, whether it is football players or dancers or whatever. I want our community to be more peaceful. I want people to not fight, envy each other or use coarse words.