I couldn't fight for my Rights without it!

Farheen is a Youth Fellow 2016-17
YRC Roshni
I am Farheen Naaz and I'm 21 years old.

My mother is a housewife, and my father, who is the only earner in the family, works as a labourer. The money is not enough, and my father is getting weaker. I have four sisters. My elder sister is divorced and stays with us, my parents worry about her. My grandmother is very old and has become bed-ridden after breaking her hip-bones.

These days I am a Youth Fellow at Thoughtshop Foundation. I also facilitate an adolescent group at my YRC Roshni and take tuitions. My hobbies are reading stories, and helping others. And sleeping!

My sister, Mehzabeen used to be a part of the group and she shared the activities with me at home. I got curious when I saw my sister protesting, debating and speaking up at home with confidence, with knowledge and wisdom that I did not have! So I joined group to learn the skills, since without it, I can’t argue or fight for my rights.

The most useful part of the Youth Fellowship has been the Exploring My World sessions using the activity book, the Gender Equality sessions and the Digital Storytelling camp.

I want to pursue my Masters and prepare for competitive exams. I want to earn well so that I can support my family and be independent. I want to get trained on Peer Counselling and Gender Identities. I like going to the group because that is the place we all can share what we learn.

At two of our adolescent clusters, a few men come and harass the girls. Young boys sit around and waste time. I want to change all this.

I also want more girls to play football. I want the girls to have the freedom to travel alone and not be criticized for having fun. I want a society free of gender discrimination.