27 Feb 2015

Kurshid gets Access

Narrated by Md. Tajrul SK, YRC KYP, Kuldia. Recorded by Revathi, February, 2015.
Kurshid’s father repairs umbrellas from home and his mother is a housewife. His family has been struggling to manage his physical challenges in motor movements and speech. Kurshid’s parents sought medical support and took him to several institutions for support. To some extent, their economic status prevented them from exploring more options. Kurshid needs help with most of his daily work, including being fed as he has poor hand to mouth coordination.

Kurshid showed keen interest in studies and school. His mother would carry him to the Kuldia High School where he enrolled for Class I. In Class IV, Kurshid was gifted with a wheelchair and started to go to school on it. However he still needed someone to take him to school; he had to be lifted from his chair and taken to his respective class. As he grew older Kurshid started missing school.