31 Aug 2014

My Leadership Journey - Shampa

Shampa is a member of YRC Ujaan
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From childhood, I have lived in the city of Kolkata with my parents, a younger brother and a sister. We belong to a poor family. We siblings don’t have much of a difference in age. When we were small, our parents used to leave my siblings in my care when they went out to work. I used to look after them, take them to school.

In childhood, I couldn’t make much time for play, and this made me very angry. When I was in class 1 I used to go to a small neighbourhood club. I really like going there, because I had many friends there. I played games with them and had fun. There used to be a teacher and an older man there, whom we called ‘uncle’. After the teacher left, the uncle would play with us. He would buy us food. After a while he would let everyone leave, except for me. He used to say that he would give me lot of playthings, and this made me very happy. Then he used to shut all the doors and windows of the club, take me in his lap, give me goodies and toys, and fondle me. At that time I understood nothing; nor did I tell anyone anything. This happened almost daily with me for over two years.