6 Nov 2013

Who is Pranay Dolai?

Pranay Dolai
member of YRC GSRI-Sunderbans (2011)
TF Youth Facilitator (2012)

Before I joined my group in 2011, I used to think very differently. Lately I often find myself asking -
Who Am I?
This triggers many thoughts and memories and helps me discover myself in many ways. I am not just a boy, I have many other identities.

A family member
I used to think housework is for girls, why should I do it? When my father was violent with my mother, I kept quiet. It hurt inside, but I didn’t have the words to protest then.

One day my father physically abused my mother badly, and she fell ill and was bedridden for a month. I had to do all the housework and it was then that I realized that housework was not only for women. When the time comes, everyone has to do everything. Also, it was then that my father who began taking care of my mother. I chose that time to discuss this with him. I asked him, with a smile on my face, “Baba, just like you and me, Ma too has the same right to life. It is wrong to try to discipline her at every step. Besides, any problem can be resolved by talking to her, isn’t it?”