20 Feb 2013

Dilli Chalo!

Sangita Das
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Recently I got the chance to go to Delhi on a meeting related to the We Can Campaign, which speaks out for the equality of women and men.

I was going to Delhi for the first time, so I was very excited! Four others were travelling with me, and our train was at 8.30 am from Howrah station. The night before, I didn't sleep at all – I would have to get up early, I shouldn't miss the train!

"Toofan Express" turned out to be a painfully slow train. The moment it reached Bihar, we had a novel experience. A family with tons of luggage boarded the train and told us that we would have to let them sit. We gave them space, which the family held on to for a full 3 hours, and before getting down, announced, "You were fools to let us sit." Maybe only fools find themselves doing something for others. If this was the case, I prayed to always remain a fool.