13 Dec 2012

Let's Step Out

Shahina Javed
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So many calamities and accidents happen every day, but that does not scare most people - no Man ever stops going out because of that. No one tells a Man "Don't step out, what if something bad happens!" Women, on the other hand, have to hear it all the time "Something bad may happen to you if you go out!"

I used to think like that too - if a woman steps out at night, she is in danger of losing her honour. Why did I think that? Perhaps society taught me to do so. At times I thought that may be my parents are more concerned about me, because they love me more! Then again I wondered - is society really more concerned about the well being of a woman, or could it be a ploy to keep women imprisoned at home? Is it a way to rob us of our right to mobility? Why do we take it for granted that the woman will certainly be in danger the moment she is out of home?