18 Feb 2014

What Makes Me Happy

Shama is a member of YRC Roshni
My name is Shama. In my community, girls need to be under purdah and are not encouraged to venture out of their four walls; girls are told that the more they stay at home, the better it is. My community tells girls to come out only under purdah and to walk with downcast eyes, not to look out too much at the world, otherwise they would lose the glow of their beauty. All this is said in my community.

I too used to believe in all these things. After I joined the group Roshni [Urdu: Light], I started feeling how wrong these things were — these things that society says. From then on, I started not believing in these things. I learnt that in society, girls should get the same rights as boys. Both should be treated equally. There is a very different kind of feeling in me now. I have put an end to the fear within me, and have prepared myself well.

When I first got the chance to work with children, I was scared — would I be able to do it? But I summoned up courage inside myself and managed to do my work well, because I started liking it a lot. Being with kids tells me about their feelings and their dreams. Every child has a dream of becoming something. I want the dreams of all children to come true and all girls to get freedom equal to boys, whether they be Hindu or Muslim. All girls should get to live life on their own terms.

And I was able to bring transformation in the girls of our community, the same way that I was able to transform myself. I want to see such changes in the children of our group. I have changed a lot. I have got a lot of things in my life, like the chance to work with the children of our group, through which I was able to understand them better.

If my family hadn’t supported me, I wouldn’t have been able to do all these things today. I had lost a lot in life too, for instance, my education had stopped because there were some problems at home, those are resolved now.

I am now happy with my life. I have got good friends and good elder-sister figures. I want children’s lives to be free of problems; I want them to fulfil their dreams and brighten their family’s name. I want their families to support their girls, just like my family supported me.

Meri Khushi Ki Wajah

Mera Naam Shama hai. Mere samaj me Muslim larkio ko pardagi or gharo me rahna parta hai; larkio ko bola jata hai ki larkiya jitney gharme raheto utne ache hai. Mere samaj me bola jata hai parda lagakar neklo or najar jukakar chalo, jada bahar mat neklo, warna chahreki ronak khatam hojaigi, ei sab mere samaj me bola jata hai.

Mey bhi ei sab bate manti thi. Roshni group join karne ke bad mujhe ahsas huya ki samaj ki e sab bate galat hai. Tab se mey esab bate nahi manti hu. meyne jana ki samaj me sref larko ke sang larkio ko bhi barabar ka hak milna chaiya. Or donoko ek barabar samjhe. Ab mere andhar ek alag feeling aei. Or ab mere andar ka jo dar tha wo mey ne khatam kiya. Fer pehle khudko achese taiyar kiya.

Jab mujhe pehli baar bacho ke sang kam karne ka mouka mila to mey dar chuki thi k mey karwa paugi ya nahi. Mey apne opar himmat ki or ache tarike se bachologoke sath kam kar saki q k mujhe acha lagta hai. Bache logeke sath rhekar unke andar ke feeling jan pai or unka swapna jan pai. Har ek bache ka ek swapna hota hai kuchh banker dekhana. Mey sojte hu ki sab bacho ke swapne pure ho or mey sojti hu har larkio ko azadhi mile larko ki tara, chahi o hindu ho ye muslim. Sabe larkio ko apni zindagi apni tareke se jine ka hak mile.

Or Jis tara mere andhar changing aya hai, mey apne samaj k larkio ke andhar badlao la sakhi. May sojte hu ki usi tara mere group ki bacho ke andhar bhi changing ho. Mere andhar bhohut se changing aya hai. mujhe mere life me bhohut khuj mila hai. Jai se ki mere group ke bacho ke sath kam karne ko mila, bacho ko deeply samaj sakhi.

Mere family mujhe sapot nahi karte to mey aj e sab kuj nahi kar shekti. Mai appne life mai bohut kuch kho chuke thi, jaise k mara education band ho chukka tha, mare ghar mai kuch problem tha jo ab solp ho gaya.

Ab mai appne life mai khus hu. mujhe acche dost mile, aur acche acche didi log mile. mai sochti hu k bacho k saath problem na ho wo appne sapne ko pura kare aur family k name rosan kare. Mai chahati hun k jis tarah mere family muje support kiya us tara sab family apne larki or larko ko support kare.

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