26 Aug 2012

Talking About My Group

Excerpts from the first Creative Writing Workshop
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The members of our group are so different from each other, as if they are...

  • …the tongue and the nose, one can never unite one with the other. Jagannath
  • …the colours in my childhood box of crayons, walking and moving about with a life of their own.Basanti

Still they are so similar, like...

  • …mixing chana masala with muri and everybody eating it together. Indrani
  • …the petals of the dahlia, which bloom clustered together one upon the other, and which are shed together. Jagannath
  • …wax and the candle’s wick, which cannot ignite one without the other. Jagannath
  • …eating chutney and papad together. Sangita
  • …the khichuri we have during Shitala puja, where rice and dal become one. Chandana
  • …the way we receive the light of the morning and the darkness of the dusk. Basanti

 When there is a conflict, our group smells like...

  • …dry red chillies added to hot dalChandana
  • …fresh baked cake, slightly burnt and slightly sweet caramelly. Revathi

 Again when we hold hands, and, saying ‘let’s do it’, move forward, then we...

  • …feel the strength of the sun. We move forward in the way in which black clouds can never obstruct the sun, however hard they try. Krishna
  • …move forward like a flock of clouds moving to hide the sun. Jagannath
  • …are like a running train, picking up people from all the stations and reaching them at their destinations. Jagannath
  • …are like a line of red ants moving out of the flour tin. Revathi

 When we celebrate with our group, then it sounds like...

  • …school kids during recess – the time when they can’t be contained; like a flock of pigeons, nibbling grain in the courtyards, going ghutur ghum ghutur ghum. Krishna
  • …the sound of the west bank of Namkhana’s Hetania-Doania river breaking in full tide on a full moon night. Jagannath
  • …the morning commotion in Behala’s prawn market. Rekha
  • …the yellow-green, big and small birds on the trees in the Army Camp breaking into song together. Revathi

 Our group leader feels like

  • …brinjal fried with neem leaf, bitter, but very beneficial. Revathi
  • …a tortoise, with a hard and ugly exterior, yet a soft interior like tender coconut. Krishna
When the kitchen at Thoughtshop Foundation was inaugurated on December 30, 2011, members of all the different YRCs each contributed a symbolic fistful of rice or dal.

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